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Stockport & District Pool League has been in existence since April 1976, although there are now few records of the early days. Looking through the Roll of Honour you will see that they mainly cover the period from 1981, although at least 2 divisions have some records going back to 1978 with some sporadic records from 1976. The league has a lively base of players who participate both in league fixtures and competitions, local independent competitions and other events run by other leagues and associations.

Comprehensive records including fixtures and rules are generally available from 1981 with a few prior years and as they become available will be scanned and added to the archives page.

The league has always run fixtures and seasons of a format which is the same today as it was in the early years, the difference over the years being the fortunes of the league in the number of teams that have been members, along with the slow transition to WEPF World Rules.

At its peak the league boasted 10 divisions (100 teams) per season (200 teams per year) which in itself may not seem large, but remember most leagues only have one season per year.

The league is at present (September 2019) running with 5 divisions, a total of 54 teams. Unfortunately the licensed trade has been in the doldrums for some years with an ever increasing number of pub closures and this of course reflects on the current size of the league.

The league has had many colourful characters that have passed by its pool tables and it would be unfair to name them at present, although in the future there may well be some anecdotes from these days.

The league has always had an Interleague team playing within the county structure since the inception of Greater Manchester County Pool Association (SDPL being a founder member) and currently (September 2018) runs 2 Interleague teams. Such teams have had their ups and downs although currently being on the up, but always manage to hold their own. Playing within the county structure has also allowed the league to regularly supply players for the county teams.

Many members will remember well the Presentation Nights of old, usually held in a cabaret club when as in the years of going to the Poco A Poco Club, Heaton Norris (latterly Chesters), capacity crowds of 650 were the norm. On the closedown of 'The Poco' the league found a new venue at Quaffers, Bredbury and in the early years there, used to see capacity crowds of 1,400. It definitely used to be standing room only if you arrived after 8pm. These days as the cabaret club scene has diminished, small clubs or large pubs have been used.

Feel free to browse the site, and if you are a player of old that has any anecdotes, old photo's of interest, do not hesitate to contact the webmaster who will be very interested. These pages will be updated over a period of time.

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