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General Rules




All tables must be level and playable, covered with a green or blue covering and marked with a legal baulk line.
Tables must have a suitable lighting canopy above the table providing an adequate light source. (Bulbs to be used must be 60w or energy saving equivalent)


All complaints about tables may be only made on the night of the match, by phoning a league official and requesting an inspection. Result at time of complaint stands.


Home teams must have the following match equipment available on the premises:

a) A spirit level of between 8" and 12" in length.
b) A spare cue ball.
c) An official S & DPL '82 template.(Not Premier Divisions)
d) A Spider and a Cross cue rest (both must be available)
e) Blue or Green chalk. (other colours are no longer considered suitable)
f) A suitable sized cue must be available if your table has a hazard like a wall or post etc., which does not allow for a normal sized cue to be used.


A set of Red & Yellow balls, a White Ball & a Black Ball that conform to EPA guidelines.
Standard and Pro Cup balls are allowed. The Standard or Pro Cup (Spotted) white ball can be used with either set of balls. Teams are not allowed to use a mixture of Standard and Pro Cup Reds, Yellows, or Black (this is due to composite differences between sets).

1.5 A stopwatch (Premier Divisions Only) see Stopwatch guidance
Teams must use their stopwatches at all times. (A fine can be issued to a team who does not use it)
1.6 A Match Card

A copy of the Rules

If any of the above equipment is not available when legitimately requested during a frame, and cannot be produced within 5 minutes, then the frame will be awarded to the away team, not the match. If after a further 10 minutes, the equipment requested cannot be produced, the match is suspended, and a fine will be imposed on the home team.




All new players must be registered with the General Secretary (Jon Whalley). Players can be registered up to 20:00 on a match night, to do so, Captains can TEXT the General Secretary (07530 282333) who will respond to confirm the new player is eligible to play.

NOTE  -  These requests will only be accepted via TEXT. Phone calls requests will not be accepted. All registrations must also be completed on official Player registration forms and handed into the SDPL drop boxes at either venue within 7 days of the TEXT request being accepted.

NOTE - Teams are required to complete a Team Registration document at the beginning of Winter Season only (Not required for Summer Season). Any changes to individual player registration should be made by TEXT/Form (as above). New teams registering for Summer season will be required to complete a Team Registration document.


A player may transfer from one team to another. Players can be transferred up to 15:00 on a match night (Up to Fixture Week 10), to do so, Captains can TEXT the General Secretary (07530 282333) who will respond to confirm the new player is eligible to play.

NOTE  -  These requests will only be accepted via TEXT. Phone call requests will not be accepted. All transfers must also be completed on official transfer forms and handed into the SDPL drop boxes at either venue within 7 days of the TEXT request being accepted.
The General Secretary, will treat each request individually with both captains notified of the request.

The Following will apply
a) The Executive Committee has the right to refuse any transfer that may be detrimental to the league.
b) Only one transfer per person per season is allowed.
c) The season is not more than half way through (Up to 15:00 on Fixture Week 10)
d) Once a player transfer form has been 'signed off' by the league that transfer stands. All players must be 100% committed to the transfer before submitting the form - there will be no exceptions.


Players cannot play unless their Captain receives official notice (via TEXT) from the General Secretary. Only registered players may play on match nights. If a captain is unsure of the status of a player then they should TEXT and confirm with the General Secretary.


All registration forms will now be kept by the committee. All blank forms are available via the 'Downloads' Section of the website.

2.5 If a team leaves the league owing monies, any player from that team wishing to register for another team will be subject to a £5 fine or 10% of the balance owing to the league, at the discretion of the committee.

The transfer window opens at the completion of the last matches of the season. New Registrations & Transfers will be eligible to play in Cup competitions after the final match of the season. Note: New Transfers & New Player Registrations are not eligible to play in World Rules Champion of Champions competition (This is to Adhere to EPA Rules for Champion of Champions Entry).

2.7 Only the General Secretary can agree new Player Registrations or Transfers and only via TEXT or by official forms posted into the SDPL drop boxes.




All games are to be played in a SPORTSMANLIKE manner and in the interests of sportsmanship, captains should make themselves known to their opposite number, as should players entering a venue where they are not known by their opponents.

NOTE: It will be understood that a 'first and final warning' has been automatically given at the start of the match and in accordance with the EPA rules, this is a first and final warning for coaching - any word or action deemed as coaching by a referee will be penalised by a Standard Foul, two visits. (This does include using your mobile phone whilst involved in a frame)


The SDPL Rules Divisions play a total of 7 frames with 7 players in each team, playing one frame each.

The Premier Divisions play a total of 12 frames with a minimum of 6 players in each team, which is two lots of 6 frames with the option of unlimited substitutes being used in the second set of 6, which means a possible 12 players can be used in a match.

Teams can only field a 'short' squad twice per season. The definition of a 'short' squad is not having a full squad and no re-draws available to use/chosen not to be used.


Players must be named on the match card prior to each frame, and may be named as the game progresses.


If a team does not have a full squad for a match, then they may use a re-draw. (PREMIER DIVISIONS ONLY - However to use a re-draw a team must have a minimum of 4 players present.)

The team in question must inform their opposition that they intend to use the re-draw and then the captain must number all his/her players (already listed on the result card) in any order.
The opposition captain then calls out a number and that player then plays the re-draw game. If a player that has already left the venue is called out, then that game is forfeit.

A team can only use 1 re-draw in a match and only 2 per half season. (giving a maximum of 4 per season). A team will also have 1 re-draw available for each cup competition.

A team can only use 2 re-draws in a match, 1 per half (6 frames) and only 4 per half season. (giving a maximum of 8 per season). Should a re-draw be used in the 1st half of a match, a second re-draw does not have to be used should an extra player arrive late and is available to be listed in the second half. A team will also have 2 re-draws (1 per half - 6 frames) available for each cup competition.
NOTE - The first player redrawn should be eliminated from the second redraw, thus restricting them to 3 games maximum

If a team uses a re-draw when they do not have any available - the penalty will be loss of all points from that match.


In match play (except Premier Divisions - see below) the home team breaks all games. (Except K/O's, playoffs, or otherwise as instructed by the committee). There should be 2 referees for each frame, 1 from each team.

Premier Divisions. (Except K/O's, playoffs, or otherwise as instructed by the committee)
Teams toss for the break, then alternate breaks thereafter.
One referee (Home Team) and one timekeeper (Away Team) should be used for every frame.
- It is still the responsibility of the home team to provide the stop watch


1st game should commence by 8.30pm (All Divisions), failure to do so resulting in loss of frame by offending team.
If 1st game claimed, 2nd game must commence by 8.45pm, failure to do resulting in loss of frame by offending team.
If the match is not started by 9pm, 'the best win of the day' (for your division) will be awarded to the opposition and the offending team will not receive any points. Also the offending team will be fined £10.
NOTE - You can only claim a frame / match if the table is set up ready to begin play and not if the table is being used for games other than the match.


All players do not have to be present by 8.30pm. If a player is not present and ready by the time their game is called, then the game is given to the opposition. All games must run continuously.








The result card should be on the table where it is visible to the visiting team, or handed to the visiting captain on arrival.

All named players are to sign the match card prior to playing their game.

Each Captain to ensure their own player signs the card.
Premier Divisions Only: Players only need to sign the match card once. (This is in line with Interleague Rules).

Failure for a player to sign a result card will incur a £5 fine to the team involved.

Unregistered players subject to a £10 fine and loss of their frame points.

Any incorrect signatures subject to a fine and a 2 match suspension for any captain/vice captain involved.

Captains are only to sign the bottom of the result card if accepting the result.


Any player found playing for another team without being officially transferred to that team will be expelled from the league.
Any team or captain allowing a player, whom they know is registered for another team to play for their team; will be expelled from the league.
In either case this will be a season long ban.

The match result MUST be received by the General Secretary from the WINNING team (Premier Divisions - In the event of a draw it is the responsibility of the home team), immediately following the completion of the fixture.

Results will be accepted by phone call or text message to 07530 282333 or by email to results@shootpool.co.uk, or by forum PM to jonwhalley (Jon Whalley - General Secretary).

Whichever method is used, the results must still be received by the 12pm deadline on the Thursday following the match. failure to record the result before the deadline will result in a £5 fine.


All results must be phoned / texted to 07530 282333 as soon as the match finishes. Failure to do so will result in a £5 fine.

The match result must be received by the General Secretary as above, from the winning team (in the event of a draw it is the responsibility of the home team to ensure the result is reported to the General Secretary) as soon as the match finishes.

Result cards must be handed in to the General Secretary or put in the collection boxes on the required dates.  Collection boxes will be at The Alexandra, Northgate Road, Edgeley, or The Crown, Stockport Road, Bredbury for cards to be deposited before the set dates given.

If a team fails to hand in match card(s) at a card drop off point, they will be emailed, and a post will be put on the league forum. The email will advise the captain of which match card(s) are missing and that there is a £5.00 fine for this. The email will also advise the captain, that if the fine of £5.00 is not paid by a specific date (the following card drop off date), the team in question will be deducted 3 points for each of the match card(s) which were outlined in the email as being outstanding. For example if on card drop off 1 a team fails to hand in 3 match cards, the details of the 3 match cards will be sent to them in an email and posted on the forum, if the £5.00 fine is not paid by card drop off 2, they will still owe the £5.00 fine, but be deducted 9 points (3 points for each match card advised).


NOTE - No other person, whether league official or not , has the authority to receive result cards from standard fixtures.


One point will be awarded for each frame won, with the winning team gaining a further three points.

The Premier divisions will in addition to the frame points gain 1 point if the match is a draw.


Any team dropping out during the season - all points will be deducted.


The committee reserve the right to request the early submission of any result card without explanation.




All matches are to be played on fixture date only. Teams failing to fulfil a fixture may be expelled from the league.

Neutral venues are to be used in competitions from the Semi-Final onwards. A team cannot play from their home venue (regardless of using a different table) on a finals night.


If there is an exceptional circumstance the Committee may allow a match to be replayed on another date, providing it is played within 21 days of the original fixture date (if within 21 days of the final fixtures of a season then match must be played before the final fixtures).  The following notes will/can apply:

  • Only 1 cancellation per team can be considered by the committee in a year (2 seasons - defined as the dates between AGM's)
  • 7 day notice of cancellation must be given to the committee and the opposing team (in exceptional circumstances this may not apply).
  • The offended team will always play at home and will decide the date when the match is to be replayed. (Please refer to guidance notes)
  • If the match is not played the offended team can claim the match and will be awarded “the best win of the day” (from their division and from the original date).  The offending team will get no points.
  • If the Committee does not sanction the re-arranged match, then the match will be declared null and void and no points will be awarded to either team.

NOTE - Exceptional circumstances is defined when a team can't fulfil a fixture due to a 'group' major event (i.e. Wedding/Funeral, some exceptional 'once in a lifetime' opportunities)

If 4 or more players are available then the match may not be cancelled

Guidance -  In the event a team needs to rearrange a fixture the following process should be followed:

  • Captain (1) contacts the General Secretary to request to rearrange a fixture due to a 'group major event'
  • General Secretary agrees fixture can be re-arranged or contacts other committee members if uncertain if reason for cancellation acceptable
  • Captain (1) contacts other team Captain (2) to confirm situation and asks them to consider and provide a suitable alternative date to play the fixture. Captain (2) has 7 days to contact his team and confirm a suitable alternative date. Consideration should be given to (Captain 1) but ultimately it is up to Captain (2) when the fixture will be played (in accordance with the timescales allowed within the rules). Captain (2) confirms date with Captain (1). If Captain (1) team can’t play on this date then it is up to Captain (2) if they wish to try a different date or claim ‘best win from that fixture week’. All effort should be made to agree a date between captains in the interests of sportsmanship.
  • Captain (1) immediately contacts General Secretary to confirm date the fixture has been agreed to be played.
  • General Secretary posts a message on the forum detailing the following: Reason for fixture being re-arranged, confirmation both Captains have agreed to this, date the fixture will now be played.



The league reserves the right to appoint an Official Referee to any fixture it desires, without notice to either team, and without objection from any party.




Teams are required to pay £80 league fee's per team per season, which will be paid at the registration meeting (See calendar for current dates) The committee reserve the right to terminate membership if these payments are not made. There will now be 3 general meetings per season plus a new season pack 'pickup' night. Any team not sending a representative to league meetings, will be fined £5 - excuses for not knowing dates will not be accepted.

Teams resigning from the league once fees have been paid will be entitled to a refund provided they have informed the committee 14 days prior to the first fixture date of that season. This is to ensure there is ample time to complete the fixtures and league format for forthcoming seasons.

Where the League has paid for a team to represent the league, and the team can no longer attend, the committee may request that the team repay any fees lost from the league.


All teams are welcome to come to join in the celebration of the Presentation Night – at this present time we have suspended tickets and it is free to all members and plus one’s, however, we do reserve the right to re-introduce tickets if the format of the Presentation Night changes and requires it.

If a team does not send a minimum of 4 representatives to Presentation Nights when they are due prize money or trophies, any prize money will be withheld and paid back into the league funds unless apologies are provided. Trophies will also be withheld and re-used for future tournaments.

If an individual / doubles pairing / 3 man team are not present at Presentation Night to receive their trophy / any applicable prize money (doubles pairings / 3 man team need at least 1 person present). The prize money will be withheld and paid back into the league funds unless apologies are provided. Trophies will also be withheld and re-used for future tournaments.

SDPL Rules Teams Only: Teams who win/runners up in the league divisions are given the option of receiving house trophy for 6 months plus Individual trophies for up to 8 players, or house trophy for 6 months and a cash prize amount in line with what the trophies would have cost.


Compensation for food – teams not attending matches can be fined for the cost of the food up to a maximum of £15.00.  Teams claiming compensation will be required to present a bill to the league and it will be paid (credited to your account) when received by the offending team.


All complaints (except as Rule 1.2) must be made by letter within 4 days of match, to be received by either Secretary, or email (complaints@shootpool.co.uk) otherwise complaint is not valid.

If a valid complaint is received by the committee that involves a team or division that a committee member is involved in, then a sub committee will hear the complaint. The sub committee will be made up of five captains from other divisions in the league. The sub committee will hear from the complainant first, then the defendant before passing judgement.


There will be no automatic promotion to the Premier Divisions. Entry into these divisions will be done on an invitational / request basis. Any team wishing to leave the Premier Divisions will be offered a place in the bottom division playing S.D.P.L. rules.




Teams, who at the end of a season are on level points at the top or bottom of a division, will have a frame count up to decide the final position, with the top 2 teams going up a division, and the bottom 2 teams going down a division.
The bottom 2 of the Premier Divisions will not automatically go into the S.D.P.L. Divisions and likewise the top 2 of the Superleague Division will not automatically go into the Premier Divisions. (See 5.5)

If on a frame count teams are still level, then a count up of the frame scores for the matches between such teams will take place. If the teams are still on equal frames, then a playoff will take place to decide the final position.

If there are 11 or more teams in a division then the top 3 teams go up and bottom 3 teams go down.

Should a team drop out of the league at the end of a season, thus creating a space in any division – the 3rd from bottom team (ie 8th) will play a “play off” against the 3rd place team from the Division below.  This process will carry on through any remaining divisions.


Each winner and runner up team within World Rules Premier Divisions will receive a House Trophy and cash.

Each winner and runner up team within SDPL Rules Divisions will receive a House Trophy and the option of cash or 8 Trophies.If additional trophies or awards are required they will be supplied at full price.

3rd place teams will not receive any awards, only promotion if 11 or more teams in the division.


All league members must adhere to the licensing laws.


All entry forms, result cards, and additional literature from S & D.P.L. '82 must be adhered to.

5.10 Any misconduct by a player/team leading to disrepute of the Stockport & District Pool League could result in the offending team being issued with a fine and/or deduction of points at the discretion of the committee.
5.11 NOTE - The Executive Committee has full power on all matters not provided for within these rules.

General Secretary
Jon Whalley - 07530 282333

Email Addresses
General - mail@shootpool.co.uk
Complaints - complaints@shootpool.co.uk
Results - results@shootpool.co.uk
Treasurer - treasurer@shootpool.co.uk
Web Queries - webmaster@shootpool.co.uk

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